NZ Grown Hemp Seeds & Jar Refills

NZ Grown Hemp Seeds & Jar Refills

NZ Grown Hemp Hearts

Our New Zealand grown Hemp Hearts were produced during our time in lockdown.

Our Hemp Hearts are for perfect for you if you are looking for Organic, Non-GMO, reduced food miles, Sustainable, Vegan, Dairy Free, Kosher, Fair Trade and more.

If you'd like to add omega oil to your diet, then these hearts will do just that, with omega 3, 6 & 9 - the ideal ratio for human well-being.

Consider yourself a creative in the kitchen, look no further, Hemp Hearts are the perfect smile you need for your picture-perfect breakfast, avo toast, salads or smoothies. Hemp Seeds are great but it's what's inside the shell that brings it to life, the Hemp Heart. This is where you'll find the most nutritional goodness in the raw, nutty and texturising part of the seed.

Our Hemp Hearts can be added to almost every meal to add that high in protein superfood.


We urge our returning customers to use our 'buy refill' option for their empty jar. We will send your refill in a compostable bag for a better future. 

  • Shipping Information

    We promise to deliver your hemp goodies using compostable and sustainable products packaging.

    Plastic Free Shipping Policy

    All our packaging are:

    • Naturally biodegradable and compostable 
    • Recycled 
    • Plant-based
    • Strong and durable

    Our goodies are delivered to you in Ecowrap (beautiful 3D honeycomb Kraft paper with tissue paper) our ecofriendly solution to plastic bubble wrap.

    Compostable Mailers - A plant-based and compostable bag used as an alternative to plastic-based courier bags. Treat your compost to your mailer, It will thank you for it within 6 months.

    Estimated Shipping Time:

    Every order from our no waste online store is shipped within 24 hours, but where this is not possible, we will be in touch. Please note, deliveries are dispatched on business days. Regular NZ Delivery time is usually 1-3 working days. Allow an additional 2 days for delivery to rural areas.


PO box 6004 Wellesley Street

Auckland, 1010

New Zealand

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