What is CBD?

Let’s learn about the CRAZE, CBD and its many uses. We want to not only provide the highest-quality CBD products on the market, but also provide the information we have so you are educated and knowledgeable. So, if you’re craving more information, head to our instagram for loads of CBD education on an array of topics.
CBD is a powerful plant extract that has been used for wellness for thousands of years. Our CBD is derived from a specific strain of the hemp plant, not to be confused with the marijuana plant. Hemp plants must have less than 0.3% THC, which means that hemp-derived CBD oil will not cause any psychoactive effects. At The Oil Project, triple check the trace amounts of THC as an extra precaution.  
CBD is one of many cannabinoids in hemp that has an array of effects on our body’s endocannabinoid system. We actually have receptors and compounds in our bodies that interact with the compounds that naturally occur in hemp. Many leading doctors, scientists and experts in the field believe that combining CBD with the many other naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids found in phytocannabinoid-rich hemp plants may offer a range of measurable health benefits never before seen in the pharmaceutical, food or dietary supplement industries.
When learning about CBD, we are frustrated with the lack of credible and accurate information available. Because the CBD industry is relatively new, misinformation spreads quickly and easily. Wanting to make sure family, friends and customers were properly educated, we have hired a team of researchers and CBD experts to write educational content. With the help of this content, we aim to better the lives of as many people as possible through CBD.
All humans are born with a network of cannabinoid receptors, found throughout the entire body. These receptors open up the ability for cannabidiol (CBD) and other cannabinoids to benefit our health as we are designed with the ability to absorb and use them.
The main receptors, called CB1 and CB2 bind and interact with cannabinoids, resulting in the active compounds in cannabis to be extremely well absorbed and used by our bodies. Aside from cannabis, there are other plant-based foods such as chocolate and black pepper that contain cannabinoids, as well as the small amounts that we naturally produce.
Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the cannabinoid in cannabis responsible for the famous ‘high’, CBD has no intoxicating effects, in fact, it actually helps reduce the intoxicating effects of THC when they are used together.
The benefits of CBD are extremely vast. While most have been clinically studied some are anecdotal and have been passed on through centuries of use. The key reported benefits of CBD oil are:
Cancer Management
Pain Management
Appetite & Weight Loss
Diabetes & Blood Sugar Control
Acne Treatment
Blood Pressure Control
Autoimmune Disease Management
IBS, Colitis & Crones
Epilepsy Support
Anxiety & PMS
Brain Health
Wounds and Burns

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