The Oil Project was established in 2019 with one mission: to bring real, high quality Hemp produce to the heart of New Zealand. Our products are vegan, organic and most importantly, sustainable. They range from Hemp seed oil, Hemp super seeds, Hemp protein & unique Hemp hair/skin products. Here at The Oil Project our aim is to satisfy customers who are looking for an array of naturally cold pressed health goods. 

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Benefits of NZ Hemp

Grown from New Zealand's richest agricultural and pastoral regions, we bring you the most unique Hemp in the world. New Zealand Hemp is known for nourishing your body like no other. The unique ratio between Omega 6 & 3 allows it to be the most nutritional seed available. It is also high in in protein, magnesium, calcium and vitamin E.

Our Promise To You 

Refund terms - Consumer can return the items in full at anytime within 7 days of purchase. Initiate refund by contacting us. We will deal with the rest including shipping. Product must be returned in a sellable condition at The Oil Project's discretion.

Free nationwide delivery when you spend over $100 and free Auckland delivery within 36 hours of ordering. 

Consumers of Hemp are growing at a rapid pace. Become the face of The Oil Project by tagging us on instagram We would love to know how your creativity can develop new and innovative food recipes.

"It's hard not to love"

Louise C.

'It took me so long to find affordable hemp seeds, finally I found The Oil Project. It's hard not to love them'


Lorenzo I.

‘To begin with I didn’t know much about Hemp.
But the more I followed The Oil Project, the more educated I became'


Jessica R.

'I've always been intrigued by Hemp, mainly because of issues with eczema & dermatitis. Following The Oil Project is so educating! I recommend, my favourite, Hemp seeds. They have so many uses, working from the inside out with the goods'

“Energy I didn’t even know I had!”

Phillip E.

'The Oil Project’s Hulled Super Seeds have provided me with

 Energy I didn’t even know I had’

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Hemp Farm NZ The Oil Project

NZ Hemp Skincare

We offer both a Hemp Balm and Hemp Body Oil which provides a healthy boost to your skin. 

Our certified organic Hemp is high in omega 6 which promotes healthy growth of skin, hair and nails. The richness of the omega 6 reduces inflammation, helps soften dry skin and seals in moisture. It also reduces acne and has a soothing effect on irritating skin.

25% Off Hemp Protein (70% Isolate)

Our hemp protein powder is locally and sustainably produced from the seed of the hemp plant.

Enjoy our hemp protein in your diet for increased energy, to boost your immune system and promote improved health gut. 

The Oil Project

About Us

The Oil Project has evolved through the desire of a young Maori & Welsh couple with the idea of educating consumers on the topic of Industrial Hemp and its nutritional, sustainable and medicinal benefits.

Our organic Hemp is ethically grown predominantly within the Manawatū-Whanganui Region and the lower North Island. We work alongside farmers and their families who have backed Hemp for a better future. 

PO box 6004 Wellesley Street

Auckland, 1010

New Zealand

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